View Full Version : Various Ways To Check DVD's? (Ie Dycrpyter, Checksums, etc)

2006-02-28, 02:24 PM
Whenever I get dvds/send them out I usually just drop them in my drive and run decrypter, if it decrypts fine then I just leave it ( I dont have time / patience to sit through every dvd). Is running a checksum on it essentially the same thing? Or does it "check" a different area of it?

In other words does ripping it to your HD check the same thing as just running a checksum? Does it ensure the playback ablility?

2006-03-04, 03:04 PM
Anyone can help me on this?

2006-03-04, 03:31 PM
I've never used decrytor, so I can't comment on that. I think I wrote in another thread about how I just do checksums and that I first let Toast do a Verify on the disc and then I run the md5 checksums on it. That has always worked for me.

2006-03-05, 05:31 AM
Thanks Lynne.

2006-03-07, 01:48 AM
I've always used checksums, too. if you can get the same checksums from the burned DVD-R as from your HD it is identical. How long it stays that way is unknown.

screw Decryptor, you only need that if you're backing up your store-bought copy protected DVDs. All the DVDs here are region-free and copywrite-free (somebody correct me if I am wrong) so you just go grab the VIDEO_TS folder and drag it on your computer if you want. you verify by generating md5s off the dvd and checking them against the copy on your hd.