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2006-02-19, 10:37 AM

What do you think.

2006-02-19, 10:45 AM

2006-02-19, 01:46 PM
Ummm, yeah. See the "Preferred DVD media" thread that's stickied in this forum for good discs to use.

Always make sure you discuss media brands before you do a trade so you don't get sent crappy discs while sending high quality to the other person. And if someone says they don't know where to get high quality discs send them to supermediastore.com. Great deals on Taiyo Yuden, and delivered right to your doorstep.

2006-02-19, 01:49 PM
Oooh, that link is broken at the moment, but the "highest quality" brands from that link are Taiyo Yuden, Japanese-made Fuji, Maxell, TDK, Mistubishi, or Sony.

2006-02-19, 01:49 PM
i have about 20 imation dvds left from a spindle i bought about 6 months ago.. never used them all yet. i've got a lot of coasters out of it though

2006-02-19, 01:51 PM
They are even worse than most generics.