View Full Version : a little help

2006-02-18, 05:29 PM
i need help understanding bit torret
when i go to minimize the torrent page it disappears i dont know where
witch is great cause my girlie dosent know i am downloading and it still runs hehehe
but when i want to check on it i have to go to the torrent on traders to pull it up
is thier an easier way to pull the torrent page up???

2006-02-18, 05:43 PM
What client are you using?

Also, it's good practice to save the torrent file to your hard drive instead of needing to grab it from the site everytime you have to stop and start your torrent. If you see someone who needs a seed, it is much easier to help out if you already have the torrent file than if you have to go searching for it, ya know?

2006-02-18, 06:21 PM
maybe you mean your client is disappearing when you minimize... it is probably hiding in the tray (lower-right corner of yer screen) & you can double-click to re-open it from you tray.

2006-02-18, 06:36 PM
five is the man
i see it now
how sweet is that
girlie dosent see
i have good bandwith
and everyone is happy
except she wants to turn the puter off every night
its for 6 hrs but it sucks to share