View Full Version : Download/Upload speeds have diminished

2006-02-17, 06:03 PM
Up until a couple of weeks ago I was downloading & uploading at minimum 110.00 KB/s. Now I'm lucky if I can pull 30KB/s & upload 15KB/s. I never touched anything, what the hell happened to my great speeds?

edit: I'm using a cable connection

2006-02-17, 07:08 PM
Have you run a speed test to see if this is a problem with your cable or just a bittorrent problem? And, I assume you haven't switched your ISP lately or changed your service type with them lately?

2006-02-17, 08:04 PM
Thanks for the reply. No I haven't switched my ISP or changed the service type. How do I run a speed test? Could it be that they just capped the speed?

2006-02-17, 08:26 PM
are you on rogers/shaw by any chance?

try switching to port 1720

also consider a new ISP (similar thing happened to me)

2006-02-17, 10:55 PM
yeah some ISPs have started throttling (capping the speeds) of 6881-6889. Try using a really high port, like over 50,000.

2006-02-18, 08:36 AM
Thanks. I'm using ABC on port 16221. I've been using this port for the past year & never had a problem with speed. I guess I'll try a higher port & see if that works. I usually have an unlimited upload when I'm downloading so I share as much as I take. I guess I'm gonna have to cap the upload speed when I'm downloading now & set it for unlimited when I complete a download. This seems to help my download speed a little. I never had to do this.