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2006-02-17, 12:53 PM
Question for those of you who use this client. I have been using 4.0.0 for what seems like forever. I just upgraded to 4.4.1 and have found that I can no longer seed multiple torrents at the same time. Is this the case with the lastest release or is there a way around this? I enjoy helping out multiple shows at once, especially if one of them does not have much uploading speed. Let me know what the deal is please. Any input is appreciated :thumbsup

2006-02-17, 01:39 PM
I recommend this: utorrent.com

2006-02-17, 01:45 PM
I can seed multiple torrent using it. Also, their screenshot shows it seeding multiple torrents:


2006-02-17, 02:11 PM
If you can do it then I will figure it out...but that screen shot shows one seeding and the other downloading :hmm: :hmm: By seeding I mean only uploading after it has been completed

2006-02-17, 02:24 PM
What happens if you try to upload both shows?

Oh, do you perhaps have Enable Queuing turned on and it is set to stop seeding once you hit a 1:1 ratio?

2006-02-17, 02:38 PM
Figured it out....it didn't keep my settings when I upgraded. It was automatically stopping the other torrent when I started a new one.

Thanks for your help :D :wave: