View Full Version : Sonic on my PC Help needed

2006-02-16, 06:00 PM
so sonic my dvd plus is what came with my pc. first off, i have an hp pavilion with windows media. how is sonic??? i either here get the newest roxio or nero. so i know nothing of sonic, 2nd how do i get though the dvd burn process. i went to dvd and clicked on add files but it won't let me drag and paste the video_ts file so i just added them all individually and then it asked me to import media and this is taking forever. it has been doing that for about 5 min. and looks to be only 15-20 percent done. is something terribly wrong here. i have nto even started to burn. but all the files are already on my hard drive. i'm confused like hell, please help

2006-02-17, 05:53 AM
Sonic owns Roxio there may not be much different between the two. I have just acquired the latest Roxio and have not explored all of it's capabilities.
Nero has always worked well for me. Sonic's My DVD Plus looks like one of those suites that tries to do everything a home PC user might want to do but does not allow the routine kind of burns that music video traders want to perform.

2006-02-22, 03:40 PM
Sonic is weird. If you want to burn a dvd on your harddrive, you have to select data dvd not video. hope that helps

2006-02-22, 09:17 PM
I have Roxio 8 and in order to burn pre-authored DVDs like the ones on this site you need to use Disc Copier and choose the folder as the source. I don't know why there are good features in Toast that are not duplicated in EasyMediaCreator, or for that matter why some good features in EMC 7 were dropped in EMC 8?