View Full Version : Xact Shntool MD5 help

2006-02-15, 10:36 AM
Ok I can create the md5 (takes a few mins) and it lands on my desktop..

Now how do i check it with the Video TS file on my hardrive?

Xact>add files>desktop>????

I'm almost there


2006-02-15, 10:43 AM
Ok so my major question is how do i check the disk files with the files on my HD?

2006-02-15, 10:51 AM
You are trying to check the files on your DVD? You would need to have the md5 'on' your DVD in order to check the files on the DVD (which is why I create an EXTRA_TS folder and put it in there when I burn the DVD).

If you have the contents of the DVD on your harddrive and you just burned the DVD to a disc and you want to verify that.... make an md5 of the contents that are on your harddrive, then make an md5 of the contents that are on the DVD. Then, open them up in a text editor and compare them. They should be exactly the same.

2006-02-15, 11:07 AM
I understand this so far..Make a Md5 of both Hard drive/DVD(just made).

Do you mean text editor like appleworks?

2006-02-15, 11:14 AM
Thanks a ton for your techinal support.

2006-02-15, 11:45 AM
Yeah, Appleworks would be fine, but just plain TextEdit will do also (I use BBEdit, but I'm not sure if you have that).