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2004-12-22, 11:36 AM
So, many people shy away from personally tweaking the display scripts in foobar2000 because it is somewhat difficult to read and interpret. Using this thread at HA for inspiration:

I created a user-defined style for the excellent script editor Notepad++ (a free, open source text editor).

Simply download the Notepad++ program from sourceforge:

Then check out my post at HA for instructions on how to setup the foobar2000 editing style:

Now just copy the fb2k script into the Notepad++ window, edit it with the ease of colorcoded styles, and paste the result back into fb2k when you're done.

This will take some of the hassle out of tweaking the scripts. This level of customizability really is the heart and soul of foobar, and once people learn to start using scripts to their advantage, the days of Winamp will continue to dwindle into obscurity.

Note that the xml style I created could use some tweaking, if you'd like, and Notepad++ has the ability to change colors and styles very easily. Feel free to use my style as a starting point to get things to look just how you want.

2014-01-16, 06:35 AM
or you could download a DarkOne skin (http://tedgo.deviantart.com/art/DarkOne-v4-360862076) and click install :coffee: its all good

2014-01-16, 08:36 AM
although I kinda like some things in v3 over v4