View Full Version : Posting Rules - Good/Bad Trader: TTD Username

2006-02-09, 11:26 AM
Please title your thread with: Good/Bad Trader: TTD Username
Bad Trader: joetrader
Good Trader: mary

If you've had either a good or bad experience with a trader here, please post about it! Let people know if your trade went smoothly and the trader was a good communicator or let us know if you never got your discs and the person never returned you emails.

Also, please DO NOT POST THE TRADERS MAILING ADDRESS!! An email is fine and a city/state is fine, but please, no house/street numbers. A name is fine in the thread post.

And, please wait at least a month before posting about someone being a Bad Trader. Please include some details in your post like how many disks, how long before you posted, whether they responded to emails, what sort of excuses you got for not sending the discs, etc.

2006-06-28, 06:58 AM
One thing to add...before you start a brand new "good trader" or "bad trader" thread, please do a Search and see if a thread for that person has already been started.