View Full Version : a spot of help?

2006-01-31, 01:57 PM
hi, i'm new here but i have a ton of live recordings i'd love to seed. i've read a few things and know that for audio, flac is the format.. although i have nothing in flac format but stuff i've gotten so far from here, i'm wondering if there is any way to format mp3 into flac? or any sort of exceptions?

2006-01-31, 02:08 PM
Trader's Den is for lossless recordings only. MP3 is a lossy compression scheme. Converting to FLAC won't restore the missing bits of audio that are irrevocably lost.

Anything in mp3 format, or with mp3 in the lineage, will be removed from the tracker, I'm afraid.

2006-01-31, 02:09 PM
that's exactly what i thought, thanks for the help though.

2006-01-31, 03:29 PM
you have the grossest username ever, btw

2006-01-31, 05:24 PM