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2006-01-25, 02:30 PM
I have been having issues with Uploading...it seems that i max out at 20.....

I got intouch with ISP and they said I should be able to upload @<hidden> 100...I am fairly new to this site and want to contribute as much as possible.. I use a G5 and run OSX...does HIGH PORT/LOW PORT #'s have anything to do with this...

I am not the best @<hidden> computers but can understand how these things work.

The more you upload the more you download....

if anyone here has any suggestions please respond..


2006-01-25, 02:36 PM
I am using Tomato Torrent as well.....

2006-01-25, 04:14 PM

I am sure no one wants to touch this thread....

2006-01-25, 04:21 PM
Did your ISP say whether they were giving you the upload in bits or bytes per second? The reason I ask is because most ISPs and speed tests show bits per second and bittorrent talks about speed in bytes per second (conversion: divide the bits by 8 to get the bytes). So 100 in terms of bits is 12.5 in terms of bytes.

Generally speaking, when downloading a show, you want to cap your upload around 90% or it's max (and more if you are also playing on the web). Also, have you forwarded your ports? That can make a huge difference in your speeds on some torrents.

2006-01-25, 05:04 PM
thanks for the suggestions U2.

Fowarded your ports???

please enlighten :confused:

2006-01-25, 05:13 PM
If you are using Win XP or you use a router, then you are most likely firewalled and so you need to forward your ports so you can 'see' everyone. If you are firewalled, then you can only see people who are not firewalled and you can't see anyone else who is also firewalled. This limits the people you can upload to (and also the people you can download from). There is a link in my sig for forwarding your ports from your Win XP firewall and then to forward your ports through your router, get the router make and model and head over to portforward.com and follow their instructions on how to forward your ports.

Whoops, nix the part about a Win XP firewall. For the Mac, look in System Preferences > Sharing > Firewall and either Stop your Firewall (I think by default it is off, so you may not need to worry about it), or if you wish to keep it on, create a New 'Rule' : Port Name/Other, TCP Port Numbers/6881-6889 (or whatever they tell you at portforward.com), same with UDP Port Numbers, and Description/BitTorrent and Save and put a check mark next to that Description.

2006-01-25, 05:16 PM
I am not firewalled... I know that for a fact...but i will try this foward ports thing anyway...

Thank you so much for your help LYNNE>.....

I'll let you know what happens...


2006-01-25, 05:20 PM
nope just checked not firewalled, does it have anything to do with FTP acess??

my personal file sharing is on..does it have anything to do with personal web sharing/windows sharing?

2006-01-25, 05:52 PM
the portforward.com place appears to be no help..

Where should i navigate to find help??

2006-01-25, 06:07 PM
Well, if your port doesn't show up in red on the Peers List, then as you said, you are not firewalled and if that is the case, then you don't need to worry about forwarding your ports. Forwarding your ports is something you only need to do if you are showing up as firewalled.

I guess you could try changing your ports. Some ISPs are blocking the known bittorrent ports these days, so going for higher non-common ones could do you a world of good. But, if you aren't showing up as firewalled, then again, this point is moot since if your ISP was blocking those ports, you would show up as firewalled.

Did you do a speed test to see what your actual speeds are? Google 'speed test' and pick one and do a speed test a few times until you get pretty consistant results. As I posted above, these results will most likely be displayed as (K)bits per second and not (K)Bytes per second.

2006-01-25, 06:21 PM
1.5 megabits per second
Communications 1.5 megabits per second
Storage 185.5 kilobytes per second
1MB file download 5.5 seconds
Subjective rating Great

2006-01-25, 06:22 PM
You might want to try using a different client as an experiment. If you're not too confident with computers I'd recommend the mainline (http://www.bittorrent.com/) client or Transmission (http://transmission.m0k.org/).

2006-01-25, 06:28 PM
Ahh this is actually my third client..and i found that most work the same..

IE. Bit Tornado,Bit comet, Tomato Torrent....I can usually figure out them for the most part....but this upload shit has me buggin.

They all upload at the same pace..

2006-01-25, 06:34 PM
Is that your download or upload speed? You should get two numbers when you do a speed test. 1.5 Mbits per second = 1.5/8 * 1000 = 187 KBytes per second which sounds like what you were saying your download is.

2006-01-25, 06:35 PM
Lynne-it only gave me that one...ill figure out how to get upload speed...

bRB... :lol:

By the way Thanks again for even taking the time to help me out..

2006-01-25, 06:40 PM
I already used up my 3 times with the first place i used..

Any suggestions on where to find a good site to find out DL speeds?

2006-01-25, 06:54 PM
DSL Reports (http://www.dslreports.com/stest) ?

2006-01-25, 06:57 PM
I already used up my 3 times with the first place i used..

Any suggestions on where to find a good site to find out DL speeds?
You want to get your Upload Speed, not your Download Speed.

And, just google 'speed test' and you should get a whole list of places your could try.

2006-01-25, 07:03 PM
got ya brb.