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2006-01-24, 06:38 PM
Can someone please explain what dvd decrypter is,how it works,what purpose it serves and how can I get this software?I have some dvd's that,sadly,I can no longer get to copy.Maybe due to age of the dvd or writing on the disc,etc.Im now unable to trade these shows but can watch them on my player and someone recomended decrypter to me as a possible solution.I use nero and have a sony burner in my desktop tower that I have now determined to be a piece of shit.Anyone have any recomendations on a possible {really good,bullet proof} replacement burner?I understand NEC makes a great burner and when I replace mine Ill give the sony away!Dont know that anyone would want it though unless you dont have enough stress in your life already.In which case this Sony may be what you are looking for.Thanks to anyone who can help a computer illeterate idiot. {Me!}
email me directly if you can offer assistance. ragu421@<hidden>

2006-01-24, 07:51 PM
DVD decrypter is freeware. ill try to find the link in a second.

its a CLUTCH program to rip dvds to your hard drive, or compress them.

For burners, you really cant go wrong with Plextor. They cost a lil more, but are VERY worth it. Just get a dual layer, as a lot of new dvds are coming out in that format now.

If you want a burner thats a lil cheaper LiteOn makes a pretty decent burner.

2006-01-24, 07:54 PM
Edit: Im not totally sure if dvd decrypter can compress dvds, but i know this program can: (dvd shrink) http://www.dvdshrink.org/

DVD Decrypter: http://fileforum.betanews.com/detail/DVD_Decrypter/1011845169/1