View Full Version : spliting a large file onto 2 dvds?

2006-01-23, 08:20 AM
I have recently decripted a few music dvds using dvd decrypter. They are over 4.7 gig. How do I split it up on to two dvd's. I do not want to use dvd shrink. Is their some free software that can do this? Or can I just pick and choose the files to burn? will the dvd play this way?

2006-01-23, 08:34 AM
I did it with ifoedit and it worked quite well although the menus got a bit messed up (on the second dvd the first song on disc 1 became the first song on disc 2 and so on). I think you can do it with dvd-shrink too and strip the menus completely.


2006-01-23, 11:46 AM
Thanks, I'll give it a try.

2006-01-23, 06:34 PM
If your only objection to dvd shrink is the compression - then try this.

If the dvd consists of more than one film (title) then you can still use dvd shrink (version without compressing. Under dvd structure, select the dvd and then choose "no compression". It will now be way too big. Next go into some of the titles and choose "still picture" as the compression. This will remove the title. Keep doing this until the disc fits. Burn to produce disc 1. Next apply the "still picture" to the other titles and reset to "no compression" those you set to picture originally. Burn this to produce disc 2. This should give you 2 uncompressed discs that between them have all the original content and menus.

Of course, if any of the original titles are greater than 4.7 GB then you're stuck. In this case I would follow brimstone's suggestion and use ifoedit. I too sometimes get messed up menus when using ifoedit version 0.96. With my DVD player, I think I get better results by omitting the "Step 3: Final sector adjustments" section on page two. This doesn't appear necessary.

I hope this helps ..... Good luck :)