View Full Version : norton ghost?

2006-01-21, 01:59 PM
quick question, not BT related.

i'm looking to move some ~10-15gb from my system drive to another hard drive.
this includes my only windows install, documents & settings folder, and some programs and games.

with something like norton ghost, is it possible to completly swap a system drive to another hard drive, with everything installed intact? i know it can be used to back up whatever remaining on the same physical drive, but have never tried using it from drive to drive, and dont particularly want to try with my data.

thanks in advance.

2006-01-21, 03:13 PM
I am not familiar with Ghost but I think I did what you are talking about with a product called IntelliMover and it worked extremely well.



2006-01-23, 10:50 PM
Norton ghost will work great for this. You will need Ghost 2003 to support
WinXP/2000 (NTFS).

I a matter of routine, when I set my system, I get everything updated and set to what I like (drivers, apps etc...) and then use Ghost to make a system restore DVD.

Works like a charm.

With a little work, you can make the DVD bootable so a system restore would only take and hour or so.