View Full Version : converting WMV to MPEG or MPEG-4 on a MAC

2006-01-20, 11:18 AM
All the software i get has glitches converting WMV to video ipod format or a format that I can then convert to video ipod. Anyone know a good free one for a MAC that actually works? Thanks

2006-01-20, 11:43 AM
Flip4Mac WMV (http://www.versiontracker.com/dyn/moreinfo/macosx/28842) can cope with a lot of WMV formats and if you cough up the $29 for the Import Component you can convert with QT Pro, Toast etc. I know it ain't freeware but it's the best route to go with.

2006-01-20, 11:45 AM
sugarkane, what have you tried so far (so that we don't suggest it again)?

2006-01-20, 11:47 AM
isquint and 1 other I can't remember name cuz I deleted it pretty fast.

2006-01-20, 01:03 PM
Don't know if it does this or not but I do know that QT Amateur is a great free Mac video tool. Opens tons of file types and saves as tons of formats.