View Full Version : EAC glitch?

2006-01-20, 10:41 AM
Everytime I try to burn a cd from the computer where my broadband connection (an older compaq running windows 98 at 5oomhz {pIII}) on the final track and at the end of disks burned as one track i get the error message: logical unit not ready---long burn in progress--

i have updated the driver and even installed a newer burner from another coumputer left over from when i upgraded it to dvd burner..

any help will be appreciated


2006-01-20, 10:55 AM
Never really burn my discs with EAC - maybe try some different software.

2006-01-20, 11:14 AM
some drives (unfortunately) don't work with EAC for burning

all drives (as far as I know) work with EAC for reading

however, usually EAC just hangs never heard of that error message