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2006-01-19, 06:51 PM
A suggestion:
I love the "All New Posts Except The Lounge" feature but perhaps it should also excluse the Politics forum as well. I enjoy reading the various threads and seeing new seeds but aren't too interested in the off-topic stuff. Maybe the Politics forum could be added to the exclude filter for this link. Thoughts?

Thanks for reading.

2006-01-25, 04:13 PM
I finally got around to doing something about this. In your User CP, go to Edit Options, then at the bottom of the Thread Display Options is 'Exclude Forums from My Own Search'. Enter "8,57" (without the quotes) and then Save Changes. Then, go to New Posts > My Own Search and that search should exlude forum 8 (The Lounge) and forum 57 (Politics in the Den).

2006-01-25, 09:23 PM
Wow, that's service!
Thanks so much!