View Full Version : Posting Guidelines Easement Question

2006-01-18, 01:00 AM
The Short Question:
What is the stance on partially lossy material on this site when it's the only known source? The FAQ didn't seem all that clear on it.

The Long Version:
My friend taped a multi artist tribute show for me over in Manchester with a Sony MZ-NH900 MD recorder. She recorded most of the show in Linear PCM mode on a Hi-MD disc, but ran out of blank discs/space after the first four groups and ended up going to ATRAC Hi-SP (basicly 256 kbps) for the fifth act. I'd really like to seed the recording here including the fifth act (Badly Drawn Boy), but I wanted to make sure it was okay before finding out the hard way with a banned torrent. :)

2006-01-18, 01:13 AM
when it comes to AUD MD (lossy or not) stuff, it is allowed here

just give all the info in the txt file & announce thread.