View Full Version : Printinf DVD covers at kinkos

2006-01-18, 12:31 AM
I remember seeing a guide about two years ago on how to accurately do this. It required reformatting the images to a kinkos format and uploading them somewhere or bringing them into the store with specific directions.

Does anyone have any tips or suggestions? I don't really want to exhaust the ink from my own printer to buck out 7 or 8 copies, I'd much rather throw them at Kinko's and have them waste their ink. It's either that or wait two weeks until I am back at school and I could try and sneak into the technology center during the night hours to snag a few print offs.

2006-01-18, 12:35 AM
the normal size for covers is around 7.25" and 10.8"

if u tell them that when u give them the disc they should turn out ok.