View Full Version : static ip help on a mac

2006-01-10, 07:44 PM
so i set my G5 to have a static ip address, when i do this, a few of my torrents go way up in speed, most of them stop, and i can also not connect to web pages. so i go into my linksys gateway page and try to set it to a static ip adress there, should i turn off the local dhcp server? and what should the default gateway, Primary DNS, and secondary DNS setting be? when i fill it in to show the static ip that i had set for my system and set the subnet mask, it gives me a message saying invalid gateway ip address! (range from 1 to 254)

does any of that make any sense? help me please! (ill be needing help with ports as well i think)
and i have been to portforward and they dont have my modem listed nor do they have info for my bt client on a mac, i went through their ip addy page and i'm still having problems.

2006-01-10, 08:41 PM
you have to get the dns from your ISP. If you have a PC you can get the DNS from your command prompt. If you dont have the correct DNS in there ur thing will never work.

Once you get ur DNS number correct everything should work fine.

On your router make sure you forward the port with the static IP on your G5.

portforward.com helped me set it up perfectly.