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2006-01-08, 11:56 PM
OK, I want to try to author a dvd. I have 2 mpeg's of a show that I also have the wav audio for separately. I'm going to join the mpeg's, demultiplex the mpeg audio. I have ripped the wav files with eac (from trade cd'r's). I figure I have to join all the separate wav tracks to make 1 long stream. So, I've downloaded audacity. However, audacity doesn't work on my computer. It just hangs open after the install, and I have to reboot in order to just close the .exe. I've tried installing it 3X, even trying version 1.2.2 instead of the newest version 1.2.4.

1) Why is audacity doing this? I've downloaded many programs and have never run into this. Is this a problem with audacity, though it seems that plenty of other people use it with no problems.

2) Is there another freeware wav joiner I can use instead?

i have
Windows XP SP2


2006-01-09, 12:02 AM
goldwave works real good for wav splicing, the fully functioning demo version is free and will work for something like 1000 functions before you have to buy it...

2006-01-09, 09:12 AM
you can rip as one big wav using eac or use shntool "join" function to achieve the same results. the trouble you're going to have is that the length of the audio will need to be tinkered with a little to get the correct sync with the video (no small feat!).

I've never heard of anybody having trouble like this with audacity. perhaps you could contact somebody on the dev team they like knowing about problems like this and can help out best.

you can also get a trial prog as j. suggests... goldwave is only $50 last time I checked and is really excellent (created by a fine Canadian programmer, I might add).

there's a few other freeware wav editiors but nothing with the same excellent reputation as audacity, so I really hope you get that one working.

here's a link to a few other freeware wav editors I found by googling "freeware wav editor" (minus the quotes)

hope this helps

2006-01-09, 07:57 PM
Thanks, jcrab and Five. I downloaded multisequence from The Goldwave site as that seems to do what I want, though I did not know I could do one wav rip with eac. or shntool. I also know that I am going to have to tinker with the wav file to join to the video, but I figure it will be a good learning exercise.

I think I will also email the dev team at audacity, and maybe I'll end up with a whole plethora of tools to work with.

Again, thanks for the help and wish me luck.