View Full Version : Help with Incomplete Herbie Hancock DVD

2006-01-05, 10:49 AM
Hey there, I understand this is probably a dumb question, but i'm fairly new to the torrenting of DVDs. I was downloading his show from '96, in Japan with Scofield, Jack Dejohnette, and other such maniacs. Looked amazing, but my computer almost died a little while ago, and thus my active torrents on uTorrent were erased. It was probably around 80 - 90% completed, and that was after leeching for a good week. Can anybody help me out here with how to get the torrent moving again? I could'n't find the saved torrrent file anywhere.

2006-01-05, 11:12 AM
do a search on your computer to find where the files are stored (search hh1996-08-03.dvd.md5 and/or hh1996-08-03.dvd.txt). once you locate the folder, re-download the torrent from the thread and aim it at the correct folder and you will resume from 80-90%

2006-01-07, 06:03 PM
Ah, okay. Thanks a bunch man.