View Full Version : Problems with uploading.I belive i might be capped?

2006-01-01, 10:00 AM
I am real new to computers and this trading community...I am running a Mac OSX using Bit Tornado. And it seems that I am topping out @<hidden> the 20 Kb upload limit when my ISP says i should be able to upload at decent speeds (100) or so...

Is This a problem with my tracker,Bit torrent program, cause this is a real bunk think considering i want to be able to upload and huge rates....

So if anyone here with a little know how could help me it would be appr....

ED :)

2006-01-01, 11:35 AM
Your ISP is probably talking about upload speeds in terms of bits/sec, whereas bittorrent talks about speeds in terms of bytes/sec. In order to calculate bytes/sec from bits/sec, simply divide by 8. So, if you ISP is telling you that you should get about 160 bits/sec, then that is 20 bytes/sec (which is what you are seeing in your bittorrent client).