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2005-12-31, 01:20 PM
i am working on a vide with tmpge...i used sony vegas to synch up the new audio to the video...did a new wav of the audio that is new...now when i go to tmpge tools, how do i import the video i used in vegas and how do i import the new wav audio..??..i can't find any files, but more than likely looking in the wrong place..plus if i do find the files how do i still import them..it seems easy but i can't figure out how to find the files and import them....
thanks alot!

2005-12-31, 01:45 PM
well, the thing i don't understand is why you want to import into tmpge. you should render your video & audio files within Vegas, then import them into your authoring program. use the help section in Vegas for instructions on how to do this. and you should keep track of where you save your files to. it makes things much easier.

2005-12-31, 02:09 PM
the copy i am working on is already in dvd format from a standalone dvd recorder & i don't want to render the dvd twice..that way i was told to use this program so the video would not get rendered again..i rendered to the new audio to wav format

2005-12-31, 02:15 PM
i can find the now but i still don't know how to import what i need to the TMPGE..??..

2005-12-31, 02:27 PM
ok, i gotcha. so you want to demux the original video & audio, and mulitplex the original video with the new audio, which has been rendered from Vegas to match your video. i don't know what authoring software your using, but i would imagine that it would be able to do this, and you could skip using tmpge.

i use DVD Lab Pro, for example, and all i would have to do is import the video file into the assets bin, select demux, remove the audio file. then import the new audio file, and drag it to the video timeline.

hope that helps.

2005-12-31, 02:31 PM
i see....i use dvd arch 3...any idea if i can do that with it..??..

2005-12-31, 04:30 PM
no luck in dvd arch 3...i can delete the old audio & add the new...that works fine..but it makes the dvd to 5.1 which is too big..which the dvd is only 58 mins...so i am assuming that i am not deleting the audio just adding the new to override the old...anyone have any ideas..??

2005-12-31, 04:37 PM
i guess when i remove the audio on the dvd it does drop like only .4gb..so it 4.4 with no audio so when i add the new audio it 5.0 with no menues

2005-12-31, 05:23 PM
look at the pics... just browse to your files

2005-12-31, 06:07 PM
thanks saltman...i got it...but now i am at 5.1gb....with no menues...but i have the new audio!..now what should i do to get it to the 4.7gbs....the dvd is right around 58 mins...

2006-01-01, 11:56 AM
well i am still at a dead end here..looking for some suggestions...the dvd is at 5.1 gbs...and that is with no menues or nothing..just the dvd with the new audio...i alse set the audio to ac3 just to get it smaller before all this cause i knew it was going to be close...i am sure whoever put it onto the dvd from the standalone recorder set it to the 1 hour time mode (the dvd is 58 mins.) so when i added the new audio it became to big....any ideas..thanks

2006-01-01, 01:27 PM
Well, you could re-render the video with a lower bitrate, or just shrink the final compiled dvd with DVD Shrink.