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2005-12-26, 01:42 PM
Windows ME
Linksys WRT54G router
Roadrunner Cable ISP

Any help is much appreciated. I am just trying to help people upload the Cream Remasters and new Jimi files. I have already d/l them, now I want to return the favor.
Please give me an answer in Fred Flintsone language, please.

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2005-12-26, 03:38 PM
To find out which ports are forwarded, in you browser window, type Hit enter. It will ask for a username and password. Leave the username blank and put 'admin' (no quotes) in for the password. (I am assuming that no one has changed them from the default). Hit the Advanced tab on the top, then hit the Port Forwarding tab. That will tell you which ports you have already forwarded. If you don't have anything written in there, then you haven't forwarded your ports. You need to open up a terminal window and type 'ipconfig' (no quotes). It will tell you your actual IP address and also a local address. Your local one will look something like '192.168.1.xxx'. That is the IP address you need to forward your ports for.

2005-12-26, 04:55 PM
Specifically: How do I tell which ports are open ? In other words Azereus recommends ports x thru y. Of those 1000's of ports, is there a way to tell by pinging the net (?) which of those ports are open. Then I can set my router config to match that port, or maybe a range of ports if they are ALL open.

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2005-12-26, 06:04 PM
Here is a list of Commonly Open Ports (http://www.speedguide.net/ports_common.php). You can just google 'open ports' and find a bunch of lists or tools to find which are open for your system.

However, what you need to do is just decide which ports you want to have open (commonly suggested for bittorrent is 6881-6889) and then tell both Azureus and your router which ones you plan to use. I remember someone else recommending using ports over 50000. I actually use 55000-55005 (I think, I can't remember exactly, but something like that). I think you are pretty safe picking ports above 50000 and below 60000 or so.

Azureus really only needs one port. Go to Options -> Transfer and then check the option to Allow multiple connections from same IP.

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