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2005-12-16, 05:10 PM
Now that I've switched to recording on a Fostex FR-2, I've got about 40 previously released shows that I thought were fine but have tons of SBE's. I've researched SBE's and correcting with shntool, but haven't found my exact situation and wanted to get feedback on my plan of action.

I record on site to one or two huge files. Sometimes I break a set into two files at the show, other times I break the single huge file into smaller files for editing once I'm back home. (I have to break a file >2GB prior to editing, as PEAK can't handle anything greater than 2GB).

I believe I should group all the tracks that came from each original file together for shnfixing.

At the show:
raw1.wav: 110 minutes, songs 1 - 12
raw2.wav: 20 minutes, songs 13 & 14
raw3.wav: 13 minutes, song 15 (encore)

Back home, at my computer, I split raw1 into raw1a and raw1b. Then I track raw1a and raw2a out, take all the tracks and shnfix them together. Is this correct?

Next I shnfix songs 13 & 14 together, even if they're going on a disc with tracks 8 - 12. Correct?

Final question: to fix track 15, I shnfix with a dummy file, in a backward direction, and truncate back to a sector boundary. Yes?

Thanks, Chris

2005-12-16, 08:09 PM
shnfix tracks 13 & 14 together, even if they're going on a disc with tracks 8-12

you can either use a dummy track which contains silence, in a forward direction or use shntool to pad the final track with silence.

run a len check before and after and look&listen to all the joints between tracks when its done.