View Full Version : Deleted ONE file from torrent...how can I Restore????

2005-12-16, 12:42 AM
So I accidentally deleted ONE small file from my torrent folder and now it won't seed or burn completely. Is there a way to re-download just that small percentage of information from the original torrent or do I have to re-download all 7.67 GB again?? Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'd really like to seed this show but now it looks like I just leeched and ran when I can't even view the file myself :(

2005-12-16, 12:51 AM

just start the torrent, point it to the same folder as last time and you will get the missing file pretty quick.

2005-12-16, 01:11 AM
I've tried restarting the torrent a few times, and I've also tried deleting the file that was incomplete and re-starting the torrent but both times it says 100% complete in my bittorrent client window and it won't let me just drop and drag. Do you have any suggestions??
Thank you very much for your help, I appreciate it!!

2005-12-16, 01:55 AM
delete the file that was incomplete

remove the torrent from your client

re-download the torrent from the webpage and point it to the same old folder

that should work

2005-12-16, 07:20 AM
Cool. I finally got this to work late last night by deleting the incomplete file.
Thank you again for your help!

2005-12-16, 07:22 AM
The ABC client program is kind of odd and wouldn't just let me re-start the torrent, so I just had to get another client to resolve the issue!

2005-12-16, 10:18 AM
you're welcome

I've very glad to hear that you got it all sorted now