View Full Version : My internet and lan drop out using bitcomet

2005-12-14, 07:51 PM

I have a prob I was hoping someone could help me with. I am running 2 pc's on windows me and using ICS.(am not using a router) The computer that the cable modem is connected to has no prob with bit comet, but my pc, which acceses the web over the network has probs with bitcomet. when i load it up and start downloading after about two mins my lan and internet drop out. I then have to reboot both pc's several time to reestablish my lan and net connection. there is no prob with general surfing and downloading from web sites. can some one help me?

2005-12-15, 05:13 AM
Try backing off of your upload rate. some ISP's shut down BT users I've heard because of the hogging of UL speed.... down to 100 KB or so

Try it


2005-12-15, 05:53 AM
Have you tried using a different client to see if it's not client specific?