View Full Version : my ip RED???and low speed(again)

2005-12-09, 08:01 PM
hi...I noticed something.

when I opened http://www.thetradersden.org/forums/showthread.php?t=14058&page=1
and clicked on the peers list, I saw my name :) but my ip was like this


why is that?....finally I am using BitComet...is this something bad with my ip?the windows sp2 firewall is COMPLETELLY closed, and I'm using the firewall from my router...I opened all the ports needed for the download

6881-6889 (TCP and UDP)
2869 (TCP)
1900 (UDP)
10334 (TCP and UDP)

those ports told me to open...are these correct?...also, I'm still getting low download speeds :confused:

I tryied to search to the site you recommented to me to open ports, but it didn't had any information about my router(FritzBox from AVN)

2005-12-09, 09:01 PM
A red port means you are firewalled.

So, are you sure that you have port 10334 forwarded in your router, your bittorrent client and your XP firewall? There was something written here lately about the XP firewall reseting itself, but I can't remember exactly were it was. Maybe a PC person will come and say it again (sorry, I'm a Mac person).

2005-12-10, 06:54 AM
but...I am firewalled to what?...to MY ip???...

I have closed the windows firewall..completely dissabled...

I don't know... :confused:

2005-12-10, 03:37 PM
The firewall in your router.

This is why I keep telling you to go to www.portforward.com Select the model or your router (or at least something close or the same manufacturer).