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2005-12-09, 09:06 AM
I went through the forum archive and seem to remember seeing a post on this but couldn't find it...

When you seed a new torrent and you announce and have active in BT some times the Status of the original seeders progress is 99% not 100% this then makes the original seeder a leach :wtf:

Why would this happen is there a mistake Should the seeder, Me, re announce or close and reopen my BT client?

Sorry for all the newbie questions but I can't help it I'm a NEWBIE!!! :D

I won’t bother posting this part in the Suggestions forum because all Mods will see this anyway:

It might be good to have a newbie packet that gets emailed out to all new members that has all the policies in it with, most importantly, a seeding tutorial or step by step guide that covers the order in which ppl need to go through to have a valid seed... With sections all the audio formats maybe a matrix for creating an accurate lineage... etc.

I know this must seem redundant or unnecessary to people who have been doing this for a long time but I know a lot of people tapers from back in the day with awesome FOB Aud and collections for that matter who have crossed over into that time in there lives that in the current digital climate leaves them behind...

I know I sat on the sidelines for some time because I seemed to daunting a task to create all the files and have everything just so... It was the need of Video that got me back....

Just a thought

A :wave:

2005-12-09, 09:22 AM
You're seeing 99% because you probably had left something open while you were making the torrent. Usually, people leave the txt file open. So, when you make the torrent file, you have to make sure that all of the files are saved/closed BEFORE you start making the torrent.

Me personally, I make sure that all my programs, etc. are closed.

So...report whatever seed it is (there is an Exclamation point at the top of every post). This will send a message to us mods and we'll pull the torrent and then you'll be able to redo it all.

2005-12-09, 09:25 AM
did you change any of the files AFTER creating the torrent, such as the info text...most of the time, this "99% issue" is caused by editing the info file...

the FAQs cover most seeding ?s, but something re: how to set up a proper lineage, etc would be helpful...maybe once we've finished the tutorials, we can add something like that to our To-Do List...

2005-12-09, 09:26 AM
beat me to it Mamba :lol: :wave: