View Full Version : "bad data in response file" "total too small"???

2005-11-21, 09:40 PM
what does this error mean? i've tried everything and i keep getting it when i go to upload a show. i've uploaded tons of dvd's here and cannot figure this one out. i've tried it four times now and get the same thing each time. i just don't get it. :hmm:

2005-11-22, 06:04 AM
What's giving you the error? Tracker? Your client?

2005-11-22, 09:23 AM
got it. "make torrent" was causing the problem. i used torrent spy and it worked like a charm.

2005-11-22, 09:28 AM
The funny thing is, if you talk to Chachi, he'll tell you he has problems using torrent spy to make torrents. Whenever he uses torrent spy and tries to upload a torrent, it just 'hangs' when trying to upload it.

Ah well, glad you got it going finally.

2005-11-22, 11:46 AM
that's sure strange... only maketorrent works for me, I tried torrentspy a couple times and the torrents didn't work

I'm glad you got it now

2005-11-22, 12:31 PM
Could it be that the program used to make the torrent is not the root of the problem, hence the sporadic results?

Although I've only uploaded one torrent here.... I've always used maketorrent here and other places and never had a problem.

I suck at the internet so I don't have anywhere else to look.... just thowing that out. :D