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2005-11-16, 09:56 AM
Hey guys,
I used to be on bt etree, but recently made the decision to upload here instead. I just uploaded my first 2 shows yesterday. I use 2 different computers to upload/download shows:

1.) My laptop at work, which has no firewalls(I somehow stumbled through the
process of clearing a passageway).
2.)My home computer, I disabled Windows XP firewall...however I can't seem to open up my wireless router. After spending many hours & a few pots of
coffee on it...I gave up.

Here's my question. When I uploaded to BT ETREE the uploads were average, anywhere between 10-30kB/s. However...the show I'm uploading from my laptop that has NO FIREWALLS is only uploading at 3kB/s.
My home computer with the firewall is uploading just a little faster, but not much.

Any suggestions? I have my ports(6881-6889)open & disabled firewalls(exept for home router). I'm using Bit Toronado(the shadows experiment) as a BT client. What can I do to increase my upload speed? :hmm:

Any help or suggestions is appreciated

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2005-11-16, 10:12 AM
Is the work computer on a network? if so the internal ip is probably not static. You're gonna need to assign a static ip for it. Then forward the ports to that ip. You internal ip probably changes and the ports aren't being forwarded properly. You also might check if the same ports are being forwarded to more than one computer. You can't do that. but you do have the correct port range for tornado. Your home computer may have the same problem with dynamic ips depending on how many computers are connected.

2005-11-16, 10:28 AM
I noticed on the Karl Denson torrent, everyone is firewalled so no one can connect to each other. I tried to hook up and then decided to reboot the server to see if that would help (I've noticed a few people having a hard time 'getting started' on torrents these days) but now I see you aren't currently seeding that one so I can't see if it's moving along now.

Saltman is correct about needing a static IP on your computer to forward your ports. Many routers will allow you to have dynamic and static IPs on your network. You simply tell it that if a computer wants a dynamic one, they get one over, say,, which leaves you for static IPs. So, tell your computer to be static and give it an IP and then forward the ports to that one IP.

2005-11-16, 10:36 AM
What bittorrent program are you using and have you tried a different one?

(whoops, I just saw you are using BitTornado, but, have you tried with a different client?)

2005-11-16, 10:41 AM
Thanks for the quick response y'all. I dunno too much about static or dynamic ip's...but I'll do some research & find out pronto.

So, if I understand you correctly, I want a statci ip, and then make sure that the ports(6881-6889) are forwarded to that static ip.

Do I need to call my ISP to get a static ip?

2005-11-16, 10:54 AM
No, you don't. What we are talking about is a static *local* IP. It's the one that looks like 192.168.1.xxx that you forward your ports to. What kind of router do you have?

2005-11-16, 12:38 PM
Netgear 108Mbps WGT624 v2

2005-11-16, 01:15 PM
This is from portforward.com and specific to forwarding for BitTornado:

WGT624 (http://portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/Netgear/WGT624/BitTornado.htm)
WGT624 v3 (http://portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/Netgear/WGT624v3/BitTornado.htm)

(they didn't have a version 2, but I would imagine that one of those two should look similar to what you see.)

2005-11-17, 12:34 PM
Thanks U2Lynne!

I've gone through the process of "port forwarding" as per the link you sent me.
I want to test it out, here's my question.

I uploaded a show to bt etree a few weeks ago. Greyhounds 11/5/05 Charleston,SC. I taped the show, so I have the original FLAC files.

Is is ok to upload that show here, even though it's already posted at etree?
I just want to see if the upload speed increased since the port fowarding.

PM me please. Thanks y'all :)

2005-11-17, 01:01 PM
Sure, you can upload the show here also. Many times the tapers will upload to a couple of different sites to get a show out. What we discourage (although really can't do anything about) is people downloading a show from site A and immediately posting it on site B. It's usually best to try to get all the seeders to stay at one place for a bit in order to get the torrent speeding along.

It's strange that you haven't done anything yet because sometime around 8:30 PM California time, your Karl Denson's Tiny Universe torrent started to crank. I got on the site around 8:20 and it was still moving really slow and then *bam*! Are you sure you didn't do something last night?

2005-11-18, 07:43 AM
Hey U2Lynne,
Actually I did go home & re-boot my computer...that's probably when you saw the increase. That was my home computer.

I uploaded that Greyhounds show on my work laptop...just changed the configuration. The portfoward website says to forward ports 10000-10004, but when I did that it showed up as firewalled...so I just changed it back to 6881-6889. Can you check for me & see if I'm still firewalled, or if things are running smoothly.

Thanks again for your patience & your help! :)

2005-11-18, 09:57 AM
Yep, you are fine right now. On that site, it suggested those ports because they are the default ones for BitTornado. But, it sounds like you changed yours to 6881, so the forwarded ports should be 6881 (as you figured out).

2005-11-18, 11:05 AM
Bit Tornado now uses ports 10000-60000
I'm also having problems.
I'm about to seed a show here but no matter where I d/l or u/l to I can't connect to all the peers/leechers/seeders.
I have Windows xp, Westel 6100 dsl modem, and use Bit Tornado.
I have tried BitTorrent 3.4.2, BitTorrent 4.0 and Bit Comet.
I have a static ip, xp firewall turned off, done the port forwarding, set my norton firewall to allow Bit Tornado(and every other one I tried) and still not connecting to everyone.
I am the only cpu in my home and connect directly to my modem.
I have asked at a couple of other sites and still no luck.
I am at a complete loss.
Any help would be welcome!

2005-11-19, 10:26 AM
The only thing I can recommend is to try Azureus as a client, it only uses one port for all traffic (any one you like). The only thing you need to do is open the same port on your firewall. The router is the thing that gives most people trouble but you're directly connected to the modem.


2005-11-19, 11:09 AM
You can set Bit Tornado to use any port you want so I've tried a few.
Also I have bee told that my modem is also a router and it allowed me to config port forwarding.
I even turned my firewall completely off and tried connecting.
Could it be my ISP(verizon dsl)?
Seems strange they would block every port I've tried.
I tried Azures very briefly but it does not work w/ Browntracker.net and I use that site alot.
I may give it a go again.
This is a new cpu and it came set up with xp, norton, and lots of other programs(most of them are crap).
If I can't get some results soon I may just wipe it clean and install just xp!
I'm getting very frustrated cuz I've tried a million different things with the same results.
Anyway thanks for the tip.

2005-11-19, 11:29 AM
Sorry I can't be of more help, but I don't use a PC.

It's actually way worse (IMO) to be a firewalled leecher than seeder because the pieces you give out aren't being shared amongst the leechers, thus the burden on the seeder is that much bigger. To avoid this I would try superseed mode, but that will go really slowly especially with all the firewalled leechers.

2005-11-19, 11:34 AM
Toadinohio, are you sure you are firewalled? All you've said is that you aren't connecting to all the peers available and sometimes that is just the way it is (there is also a setting in some clients to sets the max amount of peers to connect to).

2005-11-19, 11:37 AM
His port is red on the tracker though.

2005-11-19, 11:43 AM
Ah, OK. I must have missed that part (or seen it and it didn't register, or....). Actually, I just reread his two posts and I still don't see him actually say he is for sure firewalled - just that he isn't connecting to all the available peers/seeds/leechers.

Anyway.... you say you've tried several different ports. Are you making sure that when you change the port you want to use, that you are changing it in your bittorrent app, your XP firewall, your router, and Norton (not sure if you have to change it specifically in Norton since I don't use that).

NAT check available here: http://btfaq.com/natcheck.pl

2005-11-19, 02:53 PM
I'll give that a try when I get back home tomorrow and report back.
Thanks everyone for trying!
also I am using super-seed.
I figured that would at least get another seeder a bit faster.
Thanks again-I just wanna share damnit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2005-11-20, 04:43 PM
Well I tried with two torrents running on seperate ports.
1st result
Unable to connect. This likely means you need to adjust your port forwarding configuration, or there is no client running on that port.
2nd result
Unable to connect. This likely means you need to adjust your port forwarding configuration, or there is no client running on that port.

I don't understand why I would even have a router as I am the only cpu in the house and on the modem.
I set the port forwarding for all the ports that I have Bit Torrnado running on.
Some people get files from me, some don't.
I may try calling verizon but from past exp. w/ tech people more often than not they have no idea what I'm talking about or are of no help.

2005-11-21, 09:05 AM
I also am having a firewall issue, hopefully someone can read help me out if they read this. All of a sudden my work computer is firewalled. I work at a small store, we are not on a network of any kind. I also hae no router, justm ymodem, i'm on a dsl connection here. I don't have any firewall software, and the XP firewall is disabled. This is a recent issue, so I've pretty much stopped downloading here, and it sucks. If anyone has any ideas on what I could check, it would be a great help thanks