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2005-11-07, 06:27 AM

I have a lot of mini discs to transfer to CD. At the moment I am playing them on my portable mini disc player, outputing through an analogue cable to my soundcard. Recording with CD Wave Editor and then burning to CD.

Is there a faster way than transfering the audio in real time? What about using a different mini disc player, a standalone player, not a portable one?

Thanks!!! :)

2005-11-07, 04:19 PM

Is there a faster way than transfering the audio in real time?
Thanks!!! :)

Mate, have done a few myself ....there is no faster way - analog playback is real time and nothing else.

If you can .... get access to a proper deck for your transfers. Remember that everything is built to a price, so there will not be anything fancy in an MD recorder

Why a deck ? Proper line output of a deck will be miles better as opposed to running through the ouput / headphone stage of the portable (unless the MD has real line ouputs). .
Minimal distortion from the MD deck O/P and no need to dial in 20db of gain via your sound card or software.

Your transfers will sound better for it.


2005-11-07, 04:44 PM
if you can find one with a digital out that's the best of all... mine only has a digital in :disbelief

I don't believe you can get around doing it in real time

2005-11-08, 02:10 AM