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2005-10-23, 04:44 AM

well.. i burned a dvd with flac files on it.. i always check on or two files and delete the bootleg then..

recently i accidentally caught a faulty file.. so i checked the whole dvd with flac frontend.. and nearly 60% of it was faulty.. the files on the hdd were ok.. so i burned the same composition again.. same again, many broken files.. but not the same ones.. i checked older dvds and they also had some problems..

during the writing process i had absolutely no problems.. the buffer was ok.. windows burn service is deactivated..

now i reinstalled nero and tried a cdr.. with two bootlegs on it.. one file is faulty.. when i burn video files everything is working.. as far as i can estimate that..

is there a program to check video files?

do you also have this problem? can i restore the broken files? how can this be avoided?

flac frontend gives me this error message:

Kasabian - 06. Butcher Blues.flac: testing, 76% completeKasabian - 06. Butcher B

Kasabian - 06. Butcher Blues.flac: ERROR while decoding data

i have a sony DRU-710A and i use philips dvd+r & sony cd-r media..
windows xp..

thanks in advance..

2005-10-23, 06:50 AM
Sounds like dodgy media to me. I'm not familiar with Philips DVD-Rs, what does Nero give for the media code ? Does Nero not have a verification facility after a burn ?

2005-10-23, 10:36 AM
Nero has a Verify option you can check when burning, which i'd recommend...as ffooky said, could be the media, could be that yer sony drive is going bad, could be something else...hard to tell...as far as "checking video files", there should be an md5 checksum included with any DVD torrent here at TTD, which'll check just like it does for audio files...

what "type" of disc are you burning [i.e. DVD-ROM (ISO), etc...]?

what Nero program? are you using Burning ROM or one of their other progs.

2005-10-25, 10:55 AM
for video files you can use nero's verify option as aar suggests and also check the md5s. in fact, I highly recommend always enabling nero's verify option.

usually I generate the md5s from the dvd and compare with the checksums that came with the torrent

2005-10-29, 08:04 AM

i dont think that it's the media as i had the problem with both.. philips and sony..

might be the sony drive.. don't know..

i just burned another dvd with flac files on it.. this time only one file was broken..
is that normal? or do you always have a perfect result?

I use nero burning rom 6.. i tried nero 7.. but i hate it..
and i usually burn dvd-rom for the flac files..

2005-10-29, 11:05 AM
i have *rarely* ever had a problem, and only when i've tried to put as much ona disc as possible [now i only burn up to ~4.2GB]...

sounds to me like it could be a drive issue...or possibly a comp issue???

2005-11-22, 05:22 PM
maybe someone wants to know how i solved it..

i tried the writer with a new pc..

and: surprise..
everything seems to work perfect..

but i still don't know what exactly the problem is/was..

2005-11-22, 06:25 PM
Could be that dma was not enabled and it was having trouble keeping up with the write.

I would've guessed it was your drive going bad if it didn't work on another computer. I've had those symptoms before on a dvd burner (happened to be a sony) when it was on it's way out. It also displayed the erratic buffer during burn that yours doesn't seem to have.