View Full Version : CD ripping software..why EAC?

2005-10-23, 04:30 AM
I fully understand the lossless/md5 check issues however what I am curious about is what sort of errors are induced when using standard CD ripping software ? Are they audible digital errors such as drop outs in sound or actual quality drops in the music on playback ?

2005-10-23, 10:28 AM
they can be...but whether audible or not, errors are still errors and bad for trading/collecting purposes.

EAC is the only program that has proven itself to perform accurate rips...also, most rippers do not allow for the level of configuration specific to yer particular sytem/drives [such as both read and write offset correction, etc]...another thing most traders want included when a DAE is required is the EAC extraction log, which gives detailed info regarding each tracks extraction.

after a good many years, its become standard in trading circles that DAE should only be performed using:
PC/Windows - EAC [properly configured]
Mac/OSX - xACT
Lynux - cdParanoia

here's a thread with a bit more info re: DAE

2005-10-25, 11:01 AM
we've got the technology to do it perfectly, so we use it

here's a good page to check out...