View Full Version : Multi Pass ?

2005-10-22, 02:11 PM
I sometimes read that when creating a DVD some people
say Multi-Pass....is this when capturing ??

I have Vegas Video & I see nothing that states multi pass......
I want the best quality transfer & capture........

So what is Multi-Pass ??

Thanks so much.

Ok...I read up on it....somewhat.

On my Vegas I always set the Constant Bit Rate at 8,000,000 bps
and then choose "Video Quality Best"

But I now gather it is better to set the VBR at these settings......

Min BR 1000
Avg BR 4000
Max BR 9000

BUT....... How do i tell it how
many passes to make ?

I want the best possible render....

Thanks again..

2005-10-22, 04:03 PM
i would recommend *not* switching to VBR for live shows...Variable Bit Rate is useful when authoring films where the video has a wide range of images...it uses higher bitrates on sections with lots of motion [such as a high-speed car chase], and lower bitrates for say a dinner scene w/o much motion...for a live show, VBR is unnecessary...

but if yer going to use VBR, the number of passes is usually limited to "One Pass" or "Two Pass"...select Two Pass VBR and set your avg bitrates to something higher than you listed...9.0Mbps is a good max, but i wouldn't set my minimum to anything less than 6.0Mbps...it all depends on the length of the show vs. the highest bitraet settings that'll still fit on a DVD-5 disc [DVD-9 if yer authoring a dual-layer disc show]

IMO, for a live show setting the CBR at 8.0Mbps is going to give you great quality...