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2005-10-20, 05:19 PM
I've recently downloaded Sony Vegas 6 and have no idea how to use it but would love to lean how. Does anyone know of an on-line tutorial that can teach me? I have a few really choice video's that I would like to remaster with good sounding audio and seed on this site as well as upgrade the current copies I have now. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

2005-10-20, 05:41 PM

2005-10-20, 06:02 PM
wow that was quick. Thanks for the help I'll go check it out and if I have any questions after checking it out (probably) I'll post them. I'm totally new to video editing as well as new to Vegas, Is it a difficult program to learn? I usually pick things up pretty quick.

Thanks again AAR.oner for the quick responce. I really appreciate it.

2005-10-20, 06:56 PM
i stick with Macs for all my video/audio, so i've never used Vegas...but all the PC heads around here swear by it...

most of yer "simple" editing/authoring isn't that bad to pick up...you could learn how to edit a show ina few days most likely...i basically taught myself FinalCutPro in a weekend [not the advanced stuff of course]...its the "creative" side of editing that'll take ya a bit of time, but just play around with it, try ish out and see what it does...

i recommend getting a bunch of random footage [doesn't really matter what it is], import a song you like, and make a "music video"...good way to learn ;)