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2005-10-18, 09:19 AM
good-morning everybody! a couple of qestions for a couple of answers please. n#1.I am presently downloading at a rate of 200mb per hour is this good ?n#2does it effect other leechers?I write my discs on 8-speed.n#3how many torrents can I download at any one time?n#4Will it slow down any processes? Obviously the computer must remain on,but,n#5 do I need to stay logged on?n#6.should the web remain active? n#7on the azureus,if I we're to click on the red cross,would I lose everything,would it remain active or will it go to pause?Thats all for now folks. thanks.

2005-10-18, 11:12 AM
1. Generally, yes. It will fluctuate depending on the number of seeders & leaches and of those, how many are firewalled. Then of course, what your max speed is.
2. Does what effect the other leachers? 8-speed??????
3. Again, depends on your download and upload speeds. If you do too many at once, they will all be slow and it will take you forever to upload as much as you download. I try to do 2-3 at once as my maximum.
4. It will slow down anything else that accesses the internet.
5. Logged on to what? XP? If you're talking about XP, then yes, you have to say logged into XP. The computer can go to screen saver...
6. Your connection should stay active.
7. Dont' have azureus right now, so I can't say.

2005-10-18, 01:51 PM
thankyou mamba. fully appreciated. godspeed to you.

2005-10-18, 02:07 PM
7. For Azureus, if you hit the Red X, it will remove the torrent from your windows. If you do that, you won't be able to help seed it any longer. You want to help seed it until your share ratio on it is at 1.0 or above.

2005-10-18, 02:33 PM
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