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2005-10-10, 10:11 PM
Alright, I got this vine that is supposed to be on a dual layer burner, that I dont have. But this lil note came with it:

"remember you will need a DVD9, Double layer Burner & disc. if you do not have these 2 then you will have to shrink the files, as to fit on a DVD5."

How do i do this craziness? Thaaaaaaanks.

2005-10-10, 10:27 PM
On a PC, use DVDshrink. It's a little tough to find now a days but it's out there (I don't have a PC so I don't know much about this program). On a Mac, use DVD2OneX, which you can "acquire" if you apply yourself a little. Toast may be able to do it as well. Popcorn definitely can.

2005-10-10, 10:40 PM
Or Roxio Popcorn on a Mac (never tried it, but I've heard it's true. :) )

2005-10-10, 11:16 PM
If you want to retain quality you might want to look into if there's a "vob splitter" type program. I don't know if there is but I imagine there must be. Maybe you'd do it by converting it back to mpeg and then splitting it and then putting it back to DVD. You'd probably lose the menus/chaptering, so you'd have to redo/adjust them. Just a thought if you're up to it.


2005-10-11, 12:29 AM
thanks, ill probably just put it on my pc and use dvd shrink

2005-10-11, 06:07 PM
There's also a free program called Handbrake that will do it on a Mac.

2005-10-11, 11:24 PM
That DVD2one is a great program, thanks for the info.

2005-10-11, 11:44 PM

2005-10-12, 01:32 AM
There's also a free program called Handbrake that will do it on a Mac.

Handbrake is a DVD->MPEG4 converter :)

Toast 7 incorporates the "shrink to DVD-5" features of Popcorn (w/some extra capabilities) but the consensus is that DVD2oneX gives better results and allows you to split a DVD9 in two if you prefer.

It's usually best to use the Variable setting in DVD apart from for animation or something without much quick movement.