View Full Version : flac fingerprints of possible DAE show question...

2005-10-10, 07:17 PM
If a show is burned to audio disc and re-extracted and converted to flac, the flac ffp will be different, right?

I received a vine with a Wolf Remaster of a Van Morrison show that came with no info. So I looked it up and got the original txt info from a trade site. The ffp don't match, and I made an md5 of the flacs to see if those matched but nope. I can't tell if the wav md5 match since whoever made that info file obviously cut and pasted the wrong wav md5s in there since the amount and names of tracks dont match or make sense.

So I'm thinking that this was re-extracted from an audio cd-r... anyone care to comment?

2005-10-10, 08:32 PM
If you have flac/shn, convert and burn to wav, and have EAC properly set up and then re-extract the wavs and convert to flac/shn, I believe the ffps/shns are *supposed* to be the same. However, noone ever has EAC properly set up, so the likelyhood of this happening is, well, not too likely. This is why we don't like the lineage Silver > CDR(?) > EAC > flac/shn - you are about guaranteed that the flacs/shns from that extraction are not the same as the flacs from Silver > EAC > flac/shn. (Yeah, I know with PCs you have two steps between EAC and flac/shn (wav > application) , but I didn't feel like writing that in).

So, yes, I would agree that it was extracted from a CD-R.

2005-10-11, 12:24 PM
^what Lynne said

my computer is set up to read/write properly with EAC, I made a dupe and EAC even thought it was the original, re-extracted and the st5 was identical. imo anybody who's configured EAC like this is exactly the kind of person who would know better than to burn an audio disc and extract from it.