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2005-10-05, 07:35 AM
Hey everyone...

I have a Sony miniDV camera that I use to record audio at my band's shows. It usually gets a pretty good capture and is easy to use. I use WinDV to capture the .avi then open it with SoundForge 6 and save as .wav.

I'm wondering first of all, is this the best way I can do this? I want this to be a good as possible (lossless that is). I was going to convert it from wav to flac then but I'm not sure what a good prog is to do that either.

So my question is...What is the best way to capture audio from the MiniDV, still be able to edit it in SoundForge, then convert to FLAC? Make sense? :hmm:

Oh also a bonus question...I'm looking to reduce the crowd noise too...Best SoundForge tool for that? Thanks in advance! :wave:

2005-10-05, 09:48 AM
yer method is "lossless" it sounds like...i've never used WinDV so i'm a bit at a loss...certain capturing programs will allow you to capture only the audio as a wav...this eliminates the avi-to-wav step, tho there should be no lossy compression occurring, as i'm assuming its capturing as "raw" .avi

to convert wavs to flac, you can use FLACFrontend http://flac.sourceforge.net/download.html

for everything else when dealing with lossless files, i'd use Traders Little Helper http://thor.prohosting.com/roh0205/

as for crowd noise, if its the applause between songs thats too loud, you can manually decrease the levels for those sections...if its during songs, any filters you use will also greatly affect the sound of the music, so i wouldn't really advise it...you can try playing around with some of SF's filters but i doubt you'll be happy with the results.

2005-10-05, 10:13 AM
Thanks much! I should have thought to check the official FLAC page huh? Duh. Oh well. :rolleyes:

I think you are right though. The .avi is probably lossless as it pulls off the cam.

Now if I can just correct a couple of wrong notes I hit while I was actually playing our opening song :lol just kidding about that one...although it is painful to listen to.

Thanks for your help