View Full Version : Ripping audio from this file?

2005-10-04, 03:23 AM
I have a video that I would like to rip the audio from, but I can't seem to get my Windows Media Player to play the video portion, just the audio?

It looks to be a funky file extension?

I believe that it has something to do with the divx compression of the mpeg file?

Can someone suggest as to how to proceed with either playing this file correctly or at least extracting the audion portion as it is a great recording?

Here are the recordings specs:

General Info
Band: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!
Place: The First Unitarian Church - Philadelphia, PA
Date: August 17th, 2005 [08.17.05]
Length: 41.52
Position: Stage Left, front

Camera: JVC GR-DF550U
Tape: MiniDv
Video Settings: SP - Widescreen
Audio Settings: 16 bit - Stereo - Sony ECM-MSD1 Mic

Ripping & Saving
Software: Vegas Video 6.0
Dimensions: 640x368
Audio: 224kbps
File Type: .mpeg > Divx compressor

2005-10-04, 03:49 AM
I use THIS (http://xilisoft.com/dvd-audio-ripper.html) for ripping audio from vids but i am not exactly sure if it will work with that mpeg of yours..

2005-10-04, 04:04 AM
Downloaded DivX Player and can now watch it fine, but still no luck with ripping the audio, thanks for the recommendation though.


2005-10-04, 07:15 AM
check over at videohelp.com , theres probly a few different progs that'll do this