View Full Version : Bad trader: Joan Julibert

2016-05-26, 07:41 AM
I am reporting such an asshole - Joan Julibert ( juanjulibert@<hidden> ) He's from Spain, near Barcelona.

I have tried to arrange a trade for a one show. He said he got that show but on CDR, not silver pressed CD. We agreed to trade it but meanwhile he also asked me about my list of factory pressed CDs so I sent it to him, thinking he might be interested to buy any (as we did couple of trades in such way in the past, exchanging silvers for silvers).

Soon after he replied he wants a triple (!) factory pressed CD set for a cheap CDR burnable copy of something I am looking for. I explained him it's impossible to trade silver for a CDR but he doesn't understant that, and still trying to pushing me to do that if I want to get a CDR copy from him.

Beware of that idiot! Spread the word about him whenever you can. We have to stop such situations and ripping off the people.

2017-11-21, 08:01 AM
Not sure why you think it's "impossible" to trade a pressed CD for a CDR. It clearly is not impossible, you just don't think it's worth it. I assume if you want what he has on CDR badly enough you would make the trade. Then again, if he has it, chances are so do a ton of other people.