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2005-09-23, 05:27 PM
hi all
i'm in a couple of vines and as this is my first time, could you let me know what the preferred cdr makes are for continuing the vine or in fact snail trades. i am in the uk.

thanks for your help
joemc :)

2005-09-23, 05:38 PM
I like silver Taiyo Yuden's (made in Japan) :)
good deal here
I'm about to order the dvds :D

2005-09-23, 06:01 PM
thanks for that, do they have a europe equivalent or are they available over here?

2005-09-23, 07:16 PM
I don't remember the link, but I did come across a European store online that was selling Japanese TY discs...

2005-09-23, 09:55 PM
I'm pretty sure the only manufacturer of cd's in japan is taiyo yuden. all you have to do is look for discs that say "made in japan". they sell their discs to other companies who just put their label on them. often its difficult/impossible to find "made in japan" discs in your local stores but you might get lucky.

2005-09-23, 09:59 PM
also, some ty's are not made in japan so don't buy those

2005-09-23, 10:28 PM
TYs not made in japan are not TYs but fakes...TY does not have manufacturing facilities outside of Japan.

Fujifilm 48x CD-Rs that are Made in Japan are the most common branded TY available in general.

C1/C2 and jitter quality scans of pretty much all CD-R/RW ATIPS can be found here...in general lower values = better burns :)

2005-09-24, 01:31 AM
I'm in Germany and here it's impossible to find TY discs in local stores. I don't think it's much different in the UK. All the Fujis, Sonys etc. that are on sale here are either Taiwanese or Indian made. I found a German online store(Feurio online shop) that sells TY media, but they are very expensive, so I only use them for archieving purpose but not for trade.

2005-09-24, 04:41 AM
mitsui discs are also very high quality made in japan discs

2005-09-24, 02:19 PM
mitsui discs are also very high quality made in japan discs
I thought Mitsui currently manufactures discs in the United States and France: http://www.mam-a.com/about/index.html :hmm: