View Full Version : Is Audio Clipping easy to fix?

2005-09-23, 02:17 AM
Well I just got back from Oasis and the show came out alright :) bad news is there was a bit of audio clipping on certain areas of the recording and I wanted to know in say a program like soundforge is the clipping fixable and what would I need to do?

2005-09-23, 02:59 AM
it is somewhat repairable through clip restoration but tis a delicate, time consuming art......

2005-09-23, 10:49 AM
you might be able to make it a little better with clip restoration depending on how heavily clipped the source is. unfortunately, clipping is really really hard to repair (often almost impossible). if you want to post a sample on rapidshare.de we could take a look at it.

2005-09-23, 02:35 PM
I need to get a cable but so far this is what we got

In Between the transition from Cigarettes & Alcohol to The Importance of Being idle(Clip)

The Importance Of Being Idle(2 second clip)

Chapagne Supernova(Second long clip)

2005-09-23, 02:37 PM
alright that's not too bad after all

I'm looking forward to checking it out, since it only clips briefly a few times this might be fixable

I was thinking that the entire show was clipped

2005-09-23, 02:51 PM
no Ive been lucky at the fact that the clipping isnt a constant thing. I had a Killers recording that even though it had clipping through Diggrd he managed to fix the clipping :) I tryed contacting him but I guess hes away right now so if it has a issue transfering would you or would you know anyone who might be able to help ? I was right in the section next to the right hand stage speakers so sound is good :)

2005-09-26, 01:30 PM
if its only 6 seconds I can help you.

I'm just very busy moving right now, so get back to me in a week or two if you need it

2005-09-26, 07:25 PM
sounds like 99% of the show is in good shape, then? You might not be able to 'fix' the clipped audio, but if it's that sparse, you should be able to make those few place a LOT less noticeable so that the show is enjoyable to someone who's not listening for them.

Good luck!