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2015-02-24, 11:00 PM
The Govner's home was on fire, toasting most of his possessions, including his master tapes. There is a project on DAD to re-up them, so if you have any feel free to do so, and maybe up them here as well.

2015-02-25, 11:41 AM
I hope he and his family are all right.

2015-02-25, 09:26 PM
Damn, Gov is good people, glad he's ok....if you downloaded any of his seeds that have gone inactive, please reseed them :thumbsup
A Brief Message from "The Govner"....
On the evening of Dec 6th 2014 while I was out to see Patterson Hood play a show at The Bijou I found out immediately after the show that my mobile home was on fire and the end result is that I lost everything I owned.
Thanks to the generosity of my friends I will be ok but I will be starting over. I am in the process of finding as many of my master recordings I have shared over the years so I have a simple request...
if you have downloaded one of my shows I ENCOURAGE you to either upload it in the near future or if you happen to have Dropbox send me a share link to thegovner@<hidden>
As I know that i have some dedicated followers who download a majority of what I upload.
BTW..... I am convinced if I was at home at the time of the fire I would not be talking to you today.
I live on to tape another day! I may be down but I am not out!
Jerry Brown aka "The Govner"

The Govner
2015-02-26, 04:06 PM
Still alive and well! Looking forward to sharing more shows in the future and recovering uploads from the past! If you are unsure if I may have taped a particular show here is a link to my Flickr page for reference..... https://www.flickr.com/photos/on_tour_with_the_govner/sets/

Thanks for all the kind words on the recent uploads and I would also like to thank anybody who may have made a financial contribution after the fire that made the recovery much easier!

Jerry Brown

2015-02-26, 04:14 PM
As said before and if nothing may come in between (or another member will do so), I'll try to re-upload quite every Metallica-show ever seeded over here, most of the Pantera and some other stuff (The Cult, Metal Church...). Might take a bit time as several shows are on older backup-DVDs to look through first.

The Govner
2015-02-26, 04:25 PM
Take your time... there is a lot of my stuff out there! I have been given a second chance to chase down all my shows instead of burning with it! There may be a series of unreleased DAT masters surfacing in the future as I had a few hundred that was stored inside an enclosed end table that protected them from the flames (along with the airtight boxes that Maxell data DAT tapes came in!) unfortunately I can't say the same thing for my analog masters.

2015-02-27, 02:42 AM
If nothing else, this is a perfect example how dangerous "accidental hoarding" is. Makes me want to get back to tracking and sharing what I have taped.

I will definitely search and send your way any of the shows you that I have that you don't. I think it's great to see the community have each others' backs like this.

Glad you're doing alright though!