View Full Version : Is it time to update the 24-bit prompt?

2014-11-26, 02:13 PM
When anyone uploads a 24-bit seed, TTD automatically generates a little note at the bottom of the OP

"NOTE: This show is in 24-bit format and may be burned to a DVD. It cannot be burned to a CD as is."

Is it maybe time to bring this up to date? I'd suggest most folks who download a 24-bit show these days will play it directly off a hard drive through a streamer or software, and very few are likely to burn it to DVD.

2014-11-28, 02:51 AM
I dunno, it still applies.

Sure, most people just play right off of the HD, always did IMO.

But it still "may be burned to a DVD" and "cannot be burned to a CD as is."