View Full Version : help recovering password, help from mods?

2014-10-20, 08:50 AM
I just got a new pc, trying to set up all my sites.
This old pc automatically signs me in, has my info memorized.
I tried to use the "recover password", but it won't recognize my email address.
It might be under my old email address, fine, I tried that....but then the random question asks me about a lossless audio file format, I answer FLAC, the system says I am wrong.

How can I get my password emailed to me so I can update my new pc??
Help!! ha ha..


2014-10-20, 01:11 PM
Have you tried flac lower/uppercase?

2014-10-21, 08:44 PM
How can you post a question here if you are not logged in? :hmm:
I can't even quote your post if I am not logged in!

2014-10-21, 11:57 PM
Okay, I got it now, you were connected with the old PC.
It don't look like you get any help help from the TTD mods, and they probably don't have your password anyway.
Here is what you should do if your browser is Firefox:
Choose Tools->Page Info->Security->View Saved Passwords->Show Passwords
When you are asked if you are sure you wish to show your passwords just press "yes", and your problem is solved.
If you use another browser there might be a similar way to recover it.
Good luck!!

2014-10-23, 06:53 AM
the Mods can't tell you your password, its all encrypted

try what shakey234 said above^, if that doesn't work use the "Contact US" link at the bottom of the page, and an admin should be able to help update your email/reset pw