View Full Version : Stones file keeps dis-connecting at 4.5%

2005-08-26, 12:15 PM
I've been trying to download the Stones Fenway Park show for over 50 hours now. It keeps getting to 4.5% then dis-connecting. I'm using BitTonado, my browser is Firefox and I can't afford a high speed connection right now. I'm not sure, but the problem may be Netscape which is indeed crap.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


2005-08-26, 12:45 PM
Hm... I would try a different BT client. It shouldn't have anything to do with your browser. Once you've gotten the torrent file you don't need it. I would close it if you are leaving it open. And if you're on dial up I wouldn't do anything other than let BitTorrent run.

Don't know why it would disconnect at the same point every time.

2005-08-27, 04:51 PM
what exactly does leave it open mean? Once I get the BitTornado dialog box to run I don't touch anything. After well over 60 hours of trying , it's now up to 16.2%. This has gotta be due to constant dis-connects. I've done every single thing Netscape's tech people said to do: raise the modem speed, lower the modem speed, un-install then re-install the modem, un-install then re-intall Netscape, change all the access numbers.
Nothing works at all. As soon as BitTornado starts , it either disconnects, or it'll go for about 40 minutes, then dis-connect.
If I switch to another client, do I have to start all over again? And which one would you suggest?
Thanks. This is driving me insane.

2005-08-27, 04:59 PM
I meant don't leave your browser open. Close that app so all your bandwidth goes to your download. Are you on dial-up? If so it's probably just that.

You can try another client without losing what you already have. You can always stop and start BitTorrent downloads and not lose what you already downloaded. So if you want to try another one when it asks you where to save it just point it to your folder and it will scan it and see how far along you are then resume.

I use Azureus. People also seem to like ABC, Another BitTorrent Client.

Also... if there's only one or two people seeding it you may just be stuck with whatever bandwidth they have available. And it may be that they're losing connections with you. What message are you getting that tells you it disconnected?

2005-08-27, 06:07 PM
With BitTonado I kept getting the little "red light" which tells you you're not connected. But on top of that, Netscape keeps shutting down each time the Torrent download would start, or if not when it started , after it had run about 35-40 minutes. Netscape claims this isn't their fault, even though they kept saying "un-install this, re-install that, etc. "
I just tried G3Torrent and the same thing happened.
Being on dial-up, I expected to take some time, but this BS is going too far!

2005-08-28, 11:30 AM
One thing's become obvious: either this bit torrent thing is for machoist suckers or the people who make the clients didn't make them to be compatible with Netscape. I'm getting nothing but constant dis-connects each and every single time the client opens.
Not one of Netscape's tech people even kknows what bit torrent is, they just keep telling me the same crap. Does anyone know if changing ISPs will help? Netscape's the 4th.one for me and it's even crappier than AOL, Earthlink, and Juno. MSN's out of the question as they pull that credit card only elistist BS.

2005-08-28, 12:05 PM
actually, it is dial up that is for masochists.

2005-08-28, 12:34 PM
What do you mean by Netscape? The Internet browser?

Or is Netscape your Internet Service Provider (ISP)?

2005-08-29, 02:53 PM
Yes dial-up sucks but I've got only a tiny Social Security income right now and high speed is too pricey for me. I should have clarified that I use the Netscape ISP. My browser is Firefox. I've tried to determine if there's a conflict between Firefox's software and the bit torrent client's software. It appears not to be.
From near as I can tell, it is not a problem with the TCP/IP protocol either.

2005-08-29, 03:16 PM
Well, Firefox aint the issue. All that the web-browser does is download the small individual .torrent file. Then the client (BitTornado) does the rest.

My guess is the your Netscape ISP is not liking Bittorrent and has probably blocked all the incoming/outgoing traffic on those associated ports. Again, just a guess.

I haven't used BitTornado so can't comment on how to switch it around.

Another guess is BitTornado. Have you tried using a different client like ABC, Bit Comet, Azureus, etc?

2005-08-29, 03:17 PM
Worst case scenario...you could always ask someone to snail mail trade you the show or do a B & P for ya.

2005-08-29, 03:25 PM
Yes, I still think it's Netscape that's the heart of the problem, as the tech support folks keep telling me the same things over and over. though, their most recent reply said there is some issue with something called the ActivityTimer and that they're working on it.
I think I'm going to give up on this for now while I try to become more torrent savy. It'll be less frustrating to not have to worry about it while just simply learning more. I may try another client, I notice lots of folks like Azureaus.

Note to PEPPER:just tried to PM you , but got the "Inbox has exceeded the allowed limit and cannot receive your message untill some space is cleared" dialog.

2005-08-30, 11:07 AM
You get what you pay for when you pay 9.95 a month for dial-up.

2005-08-30, 11:42 AM
I pay more than that and , like I said, I'm on a tiny Social Security income for now. No one ever said that bit torrent can't work with dial-up. I knew it would take time, but the never-ending dis-connects makes it far longer than it ought to be, even with dial-up.
I would have gone for Yahoo! SBC high-speed deal, but it's for credit card holders only.
At any rate, even though I'm already living on macaroni'n'cheese in order to see the Stones; I am going to re-configure my budget so I can get in on Comcast's high speed offer unless someone knows of a reliable cheaper one that's not credit card only.

Also, many people have told me that dial-up itself may not have been the problem so much as conflict between Netscape's software and the client's.