View Full Version : mpeg-2 converts to mpeg-4 when file is burnt to dvd?

2014-09-20, 09:34 AM
is this possible? lately my nero 10 program has been doing this.i always check to see what video format a video is when downloading and lately certain ones that are listed as mpeg 2 in the info file,when i burn it and play in my all region dvd player it comes up as mpeg-4..is it mislabel? my nero settings?

2014-09-20, 02:57 PM
convert to mkv with makemkv and save all that mess.

2014-09-25, 06:10 AM
What program are you using to determine whether the video is MPEG-2 or MPEG-4?

After you burn your disc, do the files on the disc have a VOB extension?

Download MediInfo and open your files in that. It will display information such as video codec, audio codec, video bitrate, resolution, audio bitrate etc.